Involves the removal of particulate material suspended in a liquid by passing the liquid through a filter bed comprised of a granular or compressible filter medium. more »

Reverse Osmosis

Treatment system by which TDS is removed from the brackish water to suite the applications. more »


Softening is removal of hardness causing salts like calcium , magnesium thereby making the water soft and suitable for intended use. more »

Zero Discharge System

The process by which the effluent generated from the industry is treated and reused in the process application and usage of the solid waste generated. more »

De mineralizer

Process by which we can obtain very pure water and there by obtaining well finished products and also eliminating scale formation in Boilers. more»

Sewage Treatment

Treatment of domestic/ industrial sewage for recirculation purpose like gardening, toilet flushing, cooling etc so as to meet the standards. more »